...Fashion makes what could be a mudane necessity of everyday life creative, exciting and interesting. Clothes are more to me than just clothes, they are a form of art. Our bodies are like canvas, and when we dress we make a picture in the world! Fashion and personal style for me are forms of self expression and escapism. How we dress is important whether we are choosing to dress to reveal or conceal parts of our personality. It is the way we wish the world to see us, so even if the intention is to dress for the latter it still give us hints to who people are. I love mixing high fashion with vintage. I don't just dress to look pretty and I'm quite experimental..I dress for myself and will wear anything as long as I like it even if others are not quite so sure. It's important that your happy!!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Rose Gold.

Dandelion Dance...




I want to be a hippie with flowers in my hair

I spent the summer days and nights just passed dreaming of boho, hippies and unbrushed tousled hair. I really enjoyed some of the softer and carefree fashions that came back this year. I love fashion and more often or not the more outlandish and over the top items which take you away from everyday life you will find over-filling my wardrobes and stopping the doors closing.
Fashion is meant to be fun so anything with a hint of dress up I love and you will often find me more than dipping my toes into what some people would describe as maximalism. However, there are somedays I can get tired of this summer or winter but mainly the former. 
The reason I love fashion is to express myself and be creative and it can sometimes get a bit too much when it becomes a list of 'must haves', 'trends' and when your ruled by 'ins' and 'outs'.  There's a point when it can become merely commercial and loose any depth or the reason I love and wish to indulge in it.
When fashion  takes away from originality, individuality and self expression it loses it purpose for me.
You should remember in what you wear to be always be yourself, be true to that and develop your own style.
I love shoes but somedays I hate wearing them and love taking part in shoeless stroles feeling the world beneath my feet. The same days I wish to wear barely there delicate clothing which I guess reflects how I feel internally and how I just wish to be free experiencing nature and the beauty of the world...

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Turquoise linen

I loved the shape of these earrings as soon as I saw them. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours especially when its summer and I love the contrast if it with burnt orange or red.

Crochet maxi dress: Zara
Belt: Per Una
Sandals: Miss Selfridge
Earrings: Freedom
Lipstick: Chaud from Mac

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