...Fashion makes what could be a mudane necessity of everyday life creative, exciting and interesting. Clothes are more to me than just clothes, they are a form of art. Our bodies are like canvas, and when we dress we make a picture in the world! Fashion and personal style for me are forms of self expression and escapism. How we dress is important whether we are choosing to dress to reveal or conceal parts of our personality. It is the way we wish the world to see us, so even if the intention is to dress for the latter it still give us hints to who people are. I love mixing high fashion with vintage. I don't just dress to look pretty and I'm quite experimental..I dress for myself and will wear anything as long as I like it even if others are not quite so sure. It's important that your happy!!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Daughter of Thelas

I love it when old things are rediscovered-especially when they have sentimental value.
The other week my Mother found a collection of jumpers my Nan from my father's side knitted for me when I was young. She passed away when I was 10 or 11 so she must of made them extremely oversized as they still fit me now.:) It's lovely to be able to be to wear them and the warm memories they bring keep me extra cosy. xxx
 I love the colour of this minty green one and think the dog goes well with my dalmation coat. Among the others is a fairisle knitted polar kneck, a oatmeal cable knit cardigan, a penguin jumper, a multi-coloured cardigan with flower buttons and a light jade Dougal (from the magic roundabout) jumper.  

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