...Fashion makes what could be a mudane necessity of everyday life creative, exciting and interesting. Clothes are more to me than just clothes, they are a form of art. Our bodies are like canvas, and when we dress we make a picture in the world! Fashion and personal style for me are forms of self expression and escapism. How we dress is important whether we are choosing to dress to reveal or conceal parts of our personality. It is the way we wish the world to see us, so even if the intention is to dress for the latter it still give us hints to who people are. I love mixing high fashion with vintage. I don't just dress to look pretty and I'm quite experimental..I dress for myself and will wear anything as long as I like it even if others are not quite so sure. It's important that your happy!!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Lilac Lotus

I had just arrived in Verona and I am soooo sleepy here! 
I probably would of paired this outfit with a floppy hat but been as I was travelling about I wanted to go lightly.

The reason I loved this Marni top is because the pattern of the brocade reminds me of lotus flowers.

Lotus' are one of my favourite flowers due to their sacred meanings and symbolism in many countries.

In Asian culture the Lotus flower is a divine symbol of purity and non-attachment.
The Lotus flower is a aquatic perrenial where its roots are planted in the soil under a pond or river while the leaves float to the surface of the water with the flowers often found growing more than a few centimeters above the leaves again.

In buddhism it stands for purity of body, speech and mind. It represents the freedom and liberation from all things sinful, floating above the dirty-muddy waters of desire and attachment.

Whether you agree with the Buddism ideas of letting go of attachments and desire for unnecessary things in life to achieve full happiness and be at peace you can still take alot from the symbolism of the lotus flower.

I often think of the lotus flower as a person maintaining their beauty, ethics and purity what ever is around them. Someone living by their own values. 
However many bad seeds there are or however morally incorrect the environment is around you, you should never let go of what you see as right and stay strong always being true to yourself. Do not stop doing good things in life or for other people with the philosophy that others around you would not do the same. Be a Lotus flower and stand out. Like in fashion, trends have to start somewhere. Be the person initiating the good karma and spirit, you will be surprised how far one good action can spread. 

Have a lovely day everyone! 
Peace and wishes...
x x x

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