...Fashion makes what could be a mudane necessity of everyday life creative, exciting and interesting. Clothes are more to me than just clothes, they are a form of art. Our bodies are like canvas, and when we dress we make a picture in the world! Fashion and personal style for me are forms of self expression and escapism. How we dress is important whether we are choosing to dress to reveal or conceal parts of our personality. It is the way we wish the world to see us, so even if the intention is to dress for the latter it still give us hints to who people are. I love mixing high fashion with vintage. I don't just dress to look pretty and I'm quite experimental..I dress for myself and will wear anything as long as I like it even if others are not quite so sure. It's important that your happy!!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Rose Coloured World..

   I have written about how much I love flamingoes many times on my blog!!I am drawn to anything with them on!! I just love their colour and shape!! I loved these flamingo glasses they are just so fun!!

Flamingo print peplum jacket: River Island
Orange pencil skirt: Atmosphere

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sunflower Shoes

This outfit was inspired by Ashish! This season I loved his use of sunflowers and the boots which were like plant pots overflowing with flowers.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Street Scarab.

This is the last look I have left with my Topshop Unique T. This look was based on the idea of an urban streetstyle egyptian and the gold, metallic, denim and turquoise blues they used in the show. Some of my favourite pieces were the gold and the turquoise with gold detailing dresses. I love this colour combination and the pieces were luxurious but had a urban feel at the same time.

My collar is made up of tiny scarabs and is from egypt



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